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Our new office is located at 117 Moo 1  of Bang Saray .

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Bang Saray is a small village on the South Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, approximately 140 km south of Bangkok.
Bang Saray, once a quiet fishing village, with still many fishing boats and seafood restaurants is slowly growing into a small town as it becomes popular with tourists as well as expats. The gentle sloping beach and the calm turquoise waters are rarely busy and offer an excellent opportunity for relaxing and eating local barbecue and seafood dishes.

Bang Saray is a small but growing village built around its fishing pier and safe harbour. While naturally the main population is Thai, the remainder is made up of mostly European nationalities including Norwegian, Dutch, British, Irish, French, Italian and Australians. This is reflected by most nationalities occupying a bar or restaurant in the village.

All in all it is a very laid back community consisting of fishermen going out to sea in the late evening as the sun goes down, and expats lazing on the beach if not golfing or indulging in water-sports can be seen breezing along on that long sought after motorbike going nowhere special. While daytime is quite hot if not shaded under the many palms, the sun goes down about 18.30 hrs. The locals are extremely friendly and operate their food, fruit and fish stalls on the kerbside or local market area which is normally held in the Temple grounds.

Things To Do

Charter a fishing boat for game fishing, deep sea fishing or diving. Bang Saray Real Estate can assist in booking a charter vessel and crew for you.
There’s plenty of things to do in Bang Saray with amazing golf resorts, long beach fronts and festivals like The Loi Krathong Festival and the Electric Float Procession.

Pattaya/Jomtien is the largest beach resort in South East Asia. It’s skyline is dominated by modern sky scrapers and with more than 200 hotels it offers an excellent choice for holidays at a reasonable price. More than a million tourists descend upon Pattaya each year.

Golf is played all year round in delightful tropical climate, with charming caddies to carry your golf bag, beckoning drinks huts are strategically located every three or four holes to serve you cold beer or exotic tropical fruit drinks and impressive clubhouses offering full catering facilities throughout the day. There are 24 international standard Golf Courses within a 1 hour drive of Bang Saray.

Also, in the local area you will find all the following attractions: